What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Jake and Dr. Abbey, our husband-and-wife team, understand the unique oral health needs of children and teens, and they know you want the very best care for your child. Top of the Hill Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry allows you to meet your child’s dental and orthodontic needs under one roof, and with a team that is truly dedicated to you and your family.

The most unique aspect of our office is that we are a combined specialty practice. At checkup appointments, many parents ask Dr. Abbey, “Will my child need braces?” By having Dr. Jake in the office, our patients’ dentofacial growth and development can be monitored closely. That way, orthodontics can be started at the optimum time.

Dr. Abbey is known for her patience and good nature. This is extremely important in pediatrics, since some children can be quite apprehensive and reluctant even to get into the dental chair. With a smile, she will calmly explain all procedures to your child in kid-friendly terms.

Dr. Jake makes a point to get to know his patients. He loves hearing about their latest accomplishments, be it sports, music, vacations, or a prom. Elsewhere, teenagers don’t even know their orthodontist’s name. When patients see Dr. Jake, they not only know his name, they know a lot about him. Dr. Jake’s pride and enthusiasm for the practice of orthodontics carries through to patients’ excitement about their new smiles.

For anxious and special needs patients, Dr. Abbey offers nitrous oxide analgesia, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia in a hospital setting as necessary. The safety of your children is our highest concern.

Dr. Jake offers a full spectrum of orthodontic services for children and adults, from early treatment (Phase I) and traditional braces (metal and clear) to Invisalign®. You can be sure that he will help you and your child attain the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

Everyone on our team works hard to ensure your child has a positive experience in our office. We have televisions in the ceiling that show family-friendly shows and movies to entertain and distract patients. Children can also visit our toy box for a reward for a job well done!

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