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"We love Dr. Abbey. She is so patient & kind!" -Madelyn

"Amazing staff, friendly, thank you!" -Meghan

"Dr. Abbey was very quick & soothing for my daughter's first dental visit!"

"My son had a positive experience at Top of the Hill." -S. Rink

"Could not love TOTH more. So fast, so gentle and always a friendly face!" -Kerin D.

"I'm happy. I loved the people." -Posey G.

"He flicked out my tooth. It was cool." -Wesley

"It hurt a little bit, but you all did really good." -Kaylee age, 10

"Amazing! Dr. Abbey is the best <3" -Ziva

"We had a great experience today. Thank you very much."

"Nurse Danielle was amazing with my nervous daughter."


"I think you did awesoome, but I don't like the sticky stuff you put on my teeth."

"It was great."


"We love Dr. Abbey and the whole staff."

"You all did awesome."

"It was aight."

"You guys are hte best in the whole world. Thank you!"

"Stressed over NOTHING. Everyone's so friendly!"  -Maeve

"You guys are the best! Always so helpful & friendly."

"Loved it! So shiny and clean." -Eva D.

"You're amazing!! So well done. Keep it up!" -Nico H.

"Staff is very courteous and professional. My son loves visiting!"

"Your staff is very friendly and professional. The office is clean & well maintained."

"Thank you. Thank you for seeing us on a moment's notice & thank you for being so kind to my baby!"

"You guys were very sweet & warm and fun." -Ruby

"Dr. Abbey was great. My little guy looks forward to it." -Brian P.

"Everybody was really nice and helpful." -Brooke

"Great experience!" -Abby J.

"Great staff and experience every time." -Austin M.

"Crying tears of joy! Very friendly, very stress-free." -Autumn

"The staff is so friendly. Thank you for being so patient." -Jess B.

"I had a very awesome time! My new braces are very odd but nice!" -Avery

"You guys are awesome." -Shareeka M.

"It was amazing! Just like always! My teeth are getting better!" -Alexis, age 8

"You guys are awesome. Thank you for taking good care of my daughter's teeth." -Sharon L

"Loved the toys!" -Maya

"I can't wait to get braces! Love everything about this dentist!!!!" -Sofia, age 13

"The girls had an amazing &super friendly experience!" -Kathy, Parker, Santana, & Finley

"I got my braces off! I'm so happy!" -Hannah, age 13

"Dr. Abbey was so calm and patient with my young kids. She made this such a great experience. They didn't want to leave! -Mary Q.

"I got my braces OFF!!!" -Penelope, age 8

"My daughter was nervous as always & Dr. Abbey was patient as always. So great with kids!" -Amber

"Dr Abbey was gentle and walked us through our son's first check-up." -George C.

"Great spot, great toys, Nice folks!!" -Ian D.

"Awesome! Made our son feel at ease. Great service!" -Brian P.

"So friendly, very welcoming. Great 1st experience!" -Amelia

"Everyone is very nice-easy check-ups!" -Laurel C.

"Really clean place. Everyone was super nice and respectful. All my concerns were addressed." -Monica

"Kind, friendly, fast and easy to speak with!" -Yvette

"Fine." -Morris, age 9

"I have clean teeth! And I don't have cavities! Really nice place." -Zoe

"Really patient and fast! Great experience." -Danielle H.

"It was very very  fast and everyone was really nice." - Brooke, age 12

"I had a great time. I'm even getting braces!" -Samuel, age 10

"Dr. Abbey is a saint and so patient! She is the best even with a hard patient!" -Suzanne D.

"Super fast, efficient and a happy patient!"

"Dr. Abbey is absolutely wonderful! We couldn't have asked for a better experience!" -Holly W.


"That was so cool! Dr. Abbey is so nice. I got a sticker." -Christopher, age 7

"This was so awesome! Dr. kept my son nice and calm." -Philicia D.

"Great dentists! :)" -Tracy H.

"Awesome!" -Jack, age 9

"I feel good and happy about coming to see Dr. Abbey." -Milo, age 4

"I liked how the dentists had a good sense of humor."

"Really clean place. Everyone was super nice and respectful. All my concerns were addressed." -Monica R.

"I didn't even notice when she took my teeth out!" -Natalie B., age 12

"We love Dr. Abbey" -Minya

"Loved it! Quick, friendly & on time." -Gabriel J.

"Dr Jake was very nice!" -Brooke, age 11

"I love this place. It's my favorite dentist place ever!!!" -Ana, age 8

"I really like how you don't get your gums ripped out like u do at other places." -Zoe I., age 12

"You guys are awesome!!!" -Wendy S

"I like how nice you are." -Maya I., age 9

"Excited about our pretty smiles!" -Anna L.

"I like your kinds of toothpast (sic). Love, Dominic S."

"We had an excellent visit!" -Kieanna P.

"I have to say I was nerves (sic) at first but at the end I thought it was really great." -Ella H., age 8

"We love everything about TOTH! So convenient, accommodating, professional and wonderful!" -The Powells

"Dr. Abbey was warm, wonderful and kind. Great experience!" -Caroline F.

"Mrs. Abbey was so nice. Everybody was polite and kind." -Aliah H., age 10

"I enjoyed my visit!" -Maya, age 8

"I really like it here. The doctors are soooo nice." -Aliah, age 10

"I did not feel a thing." -Angelina S., age 11

"I really like my new colors for my braces!" - Hunter H., age 8

"I think that they were really fast and didn't hurt at all!" -Hannah H., age 12

"It was very good." -Dominic S., age 8

"Dr. Abbey rocks!" -Dannetta G.

"I really want to go here again!" -Kona, age 8

"We have loved having Dr. Abbey as our dentist for years! We followed her to her new practice. Now, we are patients of Dr. Abbey & Dr. Jake!" - Alice H.

"Excellent visit!"

"Love our experience with Dr. Abbey! My girls loved their experience & had a blast!"

"It's awesome!"

"Fantastic visit- Love Dr. Abbey & all the staff. Thank you!"

"Everyone is so nice! My kids had a great experience!"

"Thanks for being so patient! Great with kids." -Tamala E.

"Great friendly doctor and staff." -Anonymous

"My toddler does not like going to the doctors, but his crying was no problem for Dr. Abbey. She easily examined him and did it all with a smile! He went home happy and was asking to brush his teeth!"  -Mary Q.

"I wouldn't want anyone else to work in my daughters's mouths!"  -Amy G.

"Saved me a lot of pain and talked me through an emergency situation on a Sunday night. Highly recommend!"  -Andy F.

"Great experience today!" - Anonymous

"Two great people!!"  -Brooke M.

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